Annual General Meeting.jpg

SFU Business Administration Student Society is hosting an Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, September 18 at 2:30PM. Join us in the WMC Atrium (3rd floor) to enjoy a FREE barbecue and network with Beedie clubs at their booths. We look forward to having AIESEC, JDC West, the Student Marketing Association, MISA, Young Women in Business and others join us!

Meet the BASS executive team of 2018/2019 (make sure to snap pictures for Orbit Week points), and learn about BASS initiatives and how to get involved! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Agenda for the meeting: 

1. Presentation of the Annual General Report
2. Presentation of the previous fiscal year’s financial statements
3. Presentation of the current Executive Council’s year plan and fiscal budgets
4. Filing and ratifying the previous year’s Annual General Meeting Minutes
5. Amending the BASS Constitution 

We invite all BASS members to attend the AGM. This includes all business majors, minors, joint majors, and those currently enrolled in a business course.